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The PesciSports Gameday Experience App allows fans to become a part of the action at home and in the stadium. The PesciSports Gameday Experience App allows fans to become a part of the action at home and in the stadium. Because fan engagement isn't the same for each team, sport or school, PesciSports offers a customized app tailored perfectly to the unique needs of your program. Our white-label products have features geared toward increasing fan interaction and improving the gameday experience for your fans.
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Stats & Replays

Bring the game even closer to your most avid fans
  • Real-time individual and team stats for your team and opponents
  • Searchable team rosters
  • Instant replay uploaded in real time to your fans' phones
  • Replay description and player identification
  • Shareable video replays via Messages and Twitter
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Broadcast Stream & Social Media Feeds

Fans can engage with your branded content without ever leaving the app
  • Make radio feed available to fans in-arena
  • Fans can access official Twitter account within the app
  • Option for fans to integrate their own personal Twitter feed
  • Ability for fans to “like” and share content from the app
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Donations & Venue Map/Rules

Connect with donors as they are experiencing the emotion of the game. Provide maps to help with navigation, lines and COVID-19 restrictions and rules
  • Accept donations for your athletic programs directly from the app
  • Set donation tiers or custom amounts
  • Display venue maps for your fans' convenience
  • Show concessions and merchandise locations
  • Ability to provide in-venue navigation
  • Provide references and updates to new COVID restrictions and protocols
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Concessions & Merchandise

Give fans the convenience of ordering food and merchandise directly in the app. Deliver the food to their seat or provide an express pickup to seamlessly fit within your existing ecosystem.
  • Display item photos, options and variations
  • Manage orders and inventory from any computer, tablet or phone
  • Secure payment processing
  • Account creation and monitoring for your in-app stores,
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Interactive Fan Games/Light Shows

Give fans the chance to compete against each other for exciting prizes and gifts. Extend promotions, contests and fun to all the fans in your arena beyond the game. Make the fans a part of player intros, 4th quarter beginnings and halftime performances with an interactive light show.
  • Fan-friendly engaging games
  • Synchronized light shows
  • Real-time promotions and contests
  • Announce and reward single or group winners
  • Use the phone lights to create an in stadium or arena unique light show
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Push Notifications

Keep your fans up to date with every big play, item for sale or promotion via phone notifications.
  • Allow fans to be redirected to product purchasing, ticketing deals and other promotions
  • Update fans on all aspects of the game
  • Notify fans of upcoming events, fan games and light shows
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Sponsorships & Advertising Opportunities

Take your advertising to the next level with the PesciSports Gameday App. Create endless opportunities for advertising and sponsorships.
  • Create custom digital assets for your sponsorship team's arsenal
  • Provide sponsors with opportunities to advertise in your app
  • Go beyond the reach and engagement of in-stadium signage
  • Monitor the value of your sponsorship assets with individualized data
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One App Integration

Keep the apps, websites and media that you have and add specialized and customizable gameday experiences.
  • Allow for your current apps, websites and media to be folded into the PesciSports Gameday experience and make a streamlined one stop shop for your fans.
  • Maintain current sports media content while adding gameday specific features
  • Streamline purchases, fan payment data and the payment process across all platforms
  • Drive impressions into one place for increased advertising and sponsorship opportunities